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Naturopathic Medicine Week Presentation

Integrative Cancer Care and Naturopathic Medicine


Join Dr. Velichka ND on May 16th, during Naturopathic Medicine Week for an informative presentation on Integrative Cancer Care.

Learn about the benefits of having a naturopathic doctor trained in integrative cancer care on your team. Dr. Velichka ND will briefly review the safe and effective use of some natural and supportive therapies that may be used to assist patients through their conventional treatments.

Who: Dr. Amy Velichka ND (Naturopathic Doctor at Saskatoon Naturopathic Medicine)

What: Presentation on Integrative Cancer Care and Naturopathic Medicine

When: May 16th 2019 – 7pm

Where: McNally Robinson Bookstore on 8th Street in the travel alcove


Hormones direct many different systems in your body. They are involved in stress management, thyroid function, glucose regulation, and reproductive health.  

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Join naturopathic doctors Dr. Darlene Reid-Ahenakew and Dr. Amy Velichka on Monday, May 14th for an integrative perspective on hormonal health. This presentation will begin at 7 pm at McNally Robinson Bookstore on 8th Street in the travel alcove. 

Learn ways to promote a healthy hormonal balance to improve the way you look, feel and age. There is no cost to attend. Come on out and bring a friend!



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Presentation - Wednesday, May 10 at 7:00 pm at McNally Robinson, Saskatoon

Come join Dr. Amy Velichka, ND during Naturopathic Medicine Week 2017 for a free presentation on the Top 5 Tips to Prevent Cancer and Reoccurrences of the Disease. Dr. Velichka, ND will be presenting on common modifiable risk factors for developing cancer, ways to minimize these risk factors, and how to build up your own anti-cancer defenses naturally. Leave feeling motivated, empowered and inspired to make healthy choices that will help you feel your best while reducing your risk of this prevalent disease.