Many patients benefit from counselling to deal with past traumas, anxiety, depression, and ongoing stress responses. At Saskatoon Naturopathic Medicine our counsellors are trained Somatic Experience™ Practitioners (SEP). 

What is Somatic Experiencing™ ?

Somatic Experiencing™ is a model of resolving trauma by working with the innate capacities of the body.  Dr. Peter Levine has developed this model by studying the responses of mammals.  His exciting research spans over 45 years.  Somatic Experiencing™ is an effective way to resolve the 'symptoms' or 'reactions' that may arise from any event which may have been overwhelming to the nervous system at the time.  

Who can benefit from Somatic Experiencing™?

Anyone who has experienced obvious traumas (sexual, physical, emotional abuse) and not so obvious ones, such as medical interventions, falls, the stresses of long term illness or difficult work place or home environments.  SE™ sessions teach the client about how their own reactions are part of the protective response of their nervous system.  They will learn how to be with comfortable and uncomfortable responses of the body and explore their  body's own innate capacity to restore regulation.