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Tuesday–Friday: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Dr. Darlene Reid-Ahenakew, ND is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Saskatchewan. Her premedical training was at Queen’s University, graduating with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education, as well as a Bachelor of Life Sciences. She spent 4 more years at CCNM in Toronto and graduated with her ND in 2001.

Dr. Reid-Ahenakew, ND practiced in Ontario for 12 years where she held a busy family practice and had the opportunity to receive mentorship from exceptional NDs. She spent her last 2 years in Ontario providing mentorship to new graduates starting into their practices. She has enjoyed practicing in Saskatoon since 2013 and joined Saskatoon Naturopathic Medicine in April 2018.

Dr. Reid-Ahenakew, ND practices “functional medicine”, meaning that when a patient’s body is not functioning optimally, she helps patients restore their body’s function and balance. This is accomplished through identifying the causes of dysfunction and then recommendations of diet, nutrients, herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture or lifestyle changes. Listening to patient’s symptoms in completion is very valuable in diagnosing the root cause of their health concerns. Physical examination and laboratory test are additional diagnostic tools. Being trained in pharmaceutical medications and their interactions with natural medicines is very important, so discussion of medications can take place and natural remedies can be prescribed safely. Recommendations are based on the root causes and how to restore function and balance. The treatment plan is always about fixing the root cause, not just management of symptoms.

Dr. Reid-Ahenakew, ND is passionate about helping patients regain their health which enables their ability to enjoy life to its fullest. She strives for clinical excellence, which means continuous research and ongoing education to be able to develop exceptional treatment plans together with her patients. She is both personal and professional, and patients will always be given treatment plans which they can understand and implement into their lives. 

Her clinical experience over the years has been diverse, although she has worked with many patients with anxiety and migraines. She has also treated many patients with a broad spectrum of digestive concerns including food intolerances, SIBO and colitis. She has helped many patients with eczema and neurological conditions, as these are areas she has personal experience in with her two boys. A recent focus has been on autoimmune conditions having had two herself, and helping patients with Hashimoto’s disease has been a prevalent part of her practice in recent years.

She has always played an active role in the profession, serving as a director for 5 years on the OAND, as well as being a contributing writer to our national examinations, NPLEX. She is a member of the SANP and CAND professional associations.

Dr. Reid-Ahenakew, ND feels that patient education is key to the ability to adopt lifestyle and dietary changes that facilitate excellent health. She has become a sought after speaker within the Saskatoon community and corporations. She developed a full day “Healthy Living Crash Course”, a half-day “Eating for Autoimmunity Course” and a corporate wellness package of individual wellness seminars.

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