Hailey Walkeden

Laura Bosovich

Dietary Consultant

Hailey Walkeden is the Dietary Consultant for Saskatoon Naturopathic Medicine. She works closely with our naturopathic doctors to help patients create custom food plan solutions that actually work. Hailey believes there are always ways to improve a person’s health with diet, regardless of what the restrictions or challenges may be.

She views the body as a whole and is aware of how different foods affect the body. Nutrition can be a confusing topic with many conflicting views between conventional and complementary medicine. She helps the patient identify suitable options for their dinner plate under the direction of their naturopathic doctor.  

Hailey is a research-oriented individual with an ongoing desire to advance her education. She is currently in her third year of studies at the University of Saskatchewan and pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition. She is also enrolled in the Holistic Nutrition diploma program via correspondence through the Edison Institute of Nutrition.

In her spare time, Hailey enjoys visiting local restaurants to experiment new menu options with a focus on locally sourced, fresh nutritious foods. She also enjoys staying active by working out at the gym and has fun with her family fitness routines!

As of September 2018, Hailey is enrolled in full-time studies in the College of Nutrition and will be available for bookings in spring 2019.

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