The primary goal of integrative cancer care is to offer patients the highest quality of life and the best possible outcome given their specific diagnosis.

Dr. Velichka ND and Dr. Bridgman ND frequently attend conferences and seminars on supportive therapies and treatments for patients with cancer. Our Naturopathic Doctors also work with an extensive professional network of other ND’s and MD’s to ensure we continue to provide the most current services for our patients dealing with cancer. Referrals are promptly made where appropriate. Respecting individual needs and values are our priority.

Your oncologist is the expert in conventional cancer treatment. Our job, as Naturopathic Doctors, is to work with the plan set by your oncologist to safely and effectively integrate natural medicines and treatments that fit your personal goals and values.


What is naturopathic oncology?

Naturopathic oncology is the application of the art and science of naturopathic medicine to the field of cancer care and treatment.

Naturopathic Doctors who have a special focus in Naturopathic Oncology bring their perspective and experience to aid oncology treatment teams that seek the best positive outcomes for their patients.

“Naturopathic Doctors support people with cancer to use natural therapies safely and seek to maximally support overall health, fight disease processes, and prevent or reduce side effects of standard cancer treatment regimens for patients who utilize them. ND’s promote and teach health related behaviours and may recommend specific supplements or nutritional programs in an individualized treatment approach.”  Learn more →

Goals for using complementary Naturopathic Medicine during cancer treatments:

  • To prepare patient physically and emotionally to cope with the challenge of conventional treatments

  • To ensure the general health of all physiologic systems which prevent delays in treatment and thereby maximize the cytotoxic efficacy and post-treatment recovery

  • To educate the patient about potential drug-nutrient/botanical interactions

  • To limit and/or prevent side effects and long-term toxicities resulting from chemotherapy and radiation – thereby maintaining quality of life

  • To recommend nutrients, botanicals and natural therapies that have independent anti-cancer effects without interfering with the efficacy of chemotherapy or radiation.